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Date added: 2024-04-05

Female scholarship holders of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

3 women
From the left: Eng. Klaudia Prusik, Eng. Julia Gołyga and Eng. Julia Godlewska
Julia Godlewska, Julia Gołyga and Klaudia Prusik - students of Gdańsk University of Technology are among the scholarship holders of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Scholarships are awarded for significant scientific, artistic or sporting achievements.

Julia Godlewska, Eng., Faculty of Chemistry

A graduate of Chemistry studies, a second-cycle student of the interdisciplinary field of Materials Engineering - specialization: Engineering of polymer materials (studies carried out as part of Individual Research Studies).

She is implementing a project as part of the Radium program, in which she assesses the degree of phase separation of bio-polyurethanes subjected to accelerated aging in conditions of elevated temperature and aqueous environment. The research is conducted under the supervision of Ewa Głowińska, PhD, Eng. from the Department of Polymer Technology. The student participated in a research project led by Piotr Bruździak, PhD, DSc, Eng., professor at Gdańsk Tech, from the Department of Physical Chemistry (Sonata, NCN). Her task was to examine the interactions of K-peptide with an aqueous solution of DMSO and TMAO at various mutual concentrations. Based on the research conducted, she prepared her engineering thesis, a scientific publication and conference posters.

She is a member of the SimLE Scientific Club, where she was vice-president for business development for three terms. In SimLE she dealt with trip logistics, event organization, recruitment, promotion. Together with the SimBa team (SimLE rocket project), she took part in the EuRoC 2021 competition and Spaceport America Cup 2022.

Julia Gołyga, Eng., Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

She is a graduate of Environmental Engineering and is currently studying in the last semester of her second-cycle studies in the new specialization of Water Resources Engineering.

She participated in a research project led by Jerzy Pyrchla, PhD, DSc, Eng., professor at Gdańsk Tech - MORGRAV entitled "Development of technologies for acquiring and exploring gravimetric data at the coast of Polish maritime areas and its shores" and is a co-author of a publication related to this project in the journal "Measurement". As part of the research, she documented the analyzes of gravimetric data, participated in the preparation of the measurement campaign in the South Baltic Sea and in gravimetric measurements, processed raw GNSS data collected during the maritime gravimetric campaign and worked on the Kalman filtration of kinematic data of the scientific platform.

Currently, she is working in the Microbiology in Environmental Engineering Scientific Club, which participates in research entitled "Assessment of the cleanliness of surface waters in the Kashubian Lake District in cooperation with the Water Monitoring and Protection Center of the University of Gdańsk in Borucin", under the supervision of Katarzyna Jankowska, PhD, DSc, Eng., professor at Gdańsk Tech.

Klaudia Prusik, Eng., Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics

She graduated in Nanotechnology and is currently a student of Individual Research Studies in Materials Engineering.

Her scientific work is closely related to the Department of Electrochemistry and Surface Physicochemistry at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering at the FAPM. She is a winner of two IDUB programs (ACTINIUM and RADIUM). She actively participates in research devoted to the production and modification of new materials used for photocatalytic water purification, under the supervision of Marta Prześniak-Welenc, PhD, Eng. Additionally, she is developing her interests in biosensors based on nanostructures in cooperation with Jacek Ryl, PhD, DSc, Eng., professor at Gdańsk Tech. She also actively participates in projects financed by the Foundation for Polish Science (TEAM NET) and the National Science Center (OPUS), as well as in the IDUB project (ARGENTUM).

She actively participates in international conferences (Conference on Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices 2023, Polish Conference on Crystal Growth 2022) and national conferences - 7th Interdisciplinary Academic Conference on Environmental Protection. She is the supervisor of the demonstration section of the Materials Science Club, which is involved in popularizing science during events such as BFN or the Fahrenheit Picnic.

About scholarships

Rectors from all over Poland submitted a total of 1,068 applications for the Minister's scholarship for significant achievements for the 2023/2024 academic year, which were then assessed by a team of 55 experts representing all scientific and artistic disciplines. A total of 386 scholarships were awarded. The winners will receive a one-time payment of PLN 17,000