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Date added: 2021-10-20

Professor Beata Bochentyn awarded with “Polityka” magazine Scientific Award of 2021

Prof. Beata Bochentyn
Photo: Marcin Hoppe/Gdańsk Tech 
D.Sc. Beata Bochentyn, Gdańsk Tech professor from Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, is the laureate of the 21st edition of “Polityka” magazine Scientific Award of 2021. Fifteen scientists, selected out of over four hundred candidates, reached the final.

The “Polityka” Scientific Award is a prestigious distinction awarded to exceptional scientists in five fields of study: humanities, social sciences, life sciences, exact sciences and technical sciences. The awards can be distinguished by the peculiar manner of selecting the laureates. In the first stage, the applications are selected by the Chapter of Professors, including prominent Polish scientists, representing different scientific disciplines. Once the Chapter of Professors selects the finalists, the second stage begins, during which five laureates are selected by the Social Chapter, composed of important persons involved in the public life.

As we can read on the webpage of “Polityka”: Both Chapters had a really hard nut to crack. The applications submitted by the scientists, in particular the fifteen finalists’, prove, inter alia, how much Polish science became internationalized. Close cooperation with the best academic centers, being members of international editorial offices, are not an exception but a norm among the applicants for the “Polityka” Scientific Award. Therefore, the jury members had a wide selection, very often “complaining” there should have been more prizes this year. Unfortunately, following the competition rules, there could only be five winners. It is no exaggeration to say that the winner five are the first out of the truly equal.

Prof. Beata Bochentyn graduated from the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, with specialization in applied information technology in  2009, obtaining the title of doctor of technical sciences in the field of physics, whereas in 2020 the title of a doctor of technical and natural sciences in the field of physics.

Professor Bochentyn conducts research on functional oxide materials for fuel and thermoelectric cells. The research raises interest in the scientific environment, being a part of an important and current trend in physics concerning research on rigid bodies and materials engineering. The research is reflected in the search for inexpensive, efficient and stable materials for power processing devices, e.g. in agriculture or sewage treatment.

The results of conducted research, so far proved that the lanthanide-doped cerium oxide compound deposited on the anode prolongs the long-term stability, resistance to carbon deposition and sulphur pollution of cells, as compared to traditional cells. The team managed by Prof. Bochentyn additionally developed a tool for complex analysis of the dynamic internal biogas reforming process, based on simultaneously conducted electrical tests and analysis of the cell exhaust fumes composition.

Research within this scope so far resulted in 31 articles published in periodicals included on the JCR list and almost 50 articles in other acknowledged publishing houses. Additionally, Prof. Beata Bochentyn gave almost one hundred conference speeches of national and international reach.

The scientist also managed two research projects funded by the National Science Centre, as part of the PRELUDIUM and SONATA competitions. Professor is also a laureate of other awards and scholarship programmes, inter alia a scholarship for exceptional doctoral students, awarded by MniSW, as well as START scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science.