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Date added: 2024-04-19

Learn six reasons for doing your PhD at Gdańsk Tech and find yours!


1. Education responsive to industry needs

Gdańsk University of Technology is the second best research university in Poland (based on the ministerial competition Excellence Initiative – Research University, IDUB), which offers PhD programs in 14 disciplines, including areas of industry in greatest need of PhD staff. The university offers 200 potential research topics and supervisors

Disciplines  List of prospective supervisors

2. Studies in English with people from all over the world

Gdańsk Tech is one of the first and currently still few universities in Poland that offers PhD programs entirely in English. It is also a number one technical university in terms of internationalization (32 percent of PhD students are foreigners).

3. Additional scholarships, bonuses for publications, mobility

Active PhD students can receive the following resources in addition to the basic scholarship, which has been increased pursuant to Rector's regulation:

  • scholarships from IDUB programs implemented at Gdańsk Tech, such as Polonium and Francium
  • bonuses for publications (the number of articles co-authored by Gdańsk Tech PhD students, published in top research journals constantly increases)
  • research grants
  • resources for participation in research conferences and internship programs.

Additional funding for participation in scientific events in Poland and abroad (amounting PLN 750 and PLN 2.5 thousand) is also offered by the Doctoral Student Government of Gdańsk University of Technology.

Moreover, the Doctoral School at Gdańsk Tech participates in programs related to international mobility of PhD students (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange).


4. A good place to live with family-friendly amenities

Education at the Doctoral School of Gdańsk University of Technology also means intense time spent in a unique location – by the sea, in Gdańsk, ranked fourth among the European cities offering good quality of life, according to the "Quality of life in European cities" European Commission survey. Gdańsk Tech campus is located in the well-connected district of Wrzeszcz and is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe (according to Times Higher Education).

Students from outside the Tricity area can apply for a place in a Dormitory for PhD students.

The university also has its own kindergarten for children of employees, students and PhD students, and other facilities for parents, including family rooms.

Gdańsk Tech also has the largest and most modern library in Northern Poland.

5. The most active doctoral student government in the country

The doctoral student government council at Gdańsk University of Technology won in the "active doctoral student government" category in the competition for the most student-oriented initiatives organized by doctoral student governments at Polish research institutions ProDOK 2023.

Doctoral student government organizes nationwide events, such as poster sessions, conferences and agreement meetings, and also undertakes integration initiatives, organizes trips to cultural events, and a card system enabling access to sports facilities on preferential terms. The doctoral student government at Gdańsk Tech also actively participates in a collaborative agreement of doctoral students of technical universities ( Porozumienia Doktorantów Uczelni Techniczny) and the national representation of doctoral students (Krajowej Reprezentacji Doktorantów).

6. International research career

Articles by researchers from Gdańsk University of Technology are published in prestigious journals such as Science and Nature. Sixty-two researchers from Gdańsk Tech have been ranked among the most influential people in science. One of the researchers – Prof. Grzegorz Boczkaj has been included in an exclusive group of  1 percent of researchers with the highest number of citations in the world, and is one of only six Poles in this ranking.