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Department responsibilities

The tasks of the Department include:

1) organizing and supervising the University's security services;
2) securing and protecting events organized on the University premises and outside the University;
3) giving opinions on proceedings in the field of physical and technical protection;
4) supervising and controlling the organization of traffic and parking on the University premises;
5) maintaining local systems: vehicle traffic control, anti-burglary, control access, CCTV systems, fire protection systems. and sound systems warning, gas detection;
6) giving opinions and issuing technical arrangements regarding the designed ones and rebuilt security systems;
7) installation, operation, repair and ongoing maintenance of landline telephone systems;
8) preparing proceedings and implementing contracts regarding the center's tasks and orders common regarding services specified in the public procurement regulations Gdańsk University of Technology;
9) cooperation with other units of the Gdańsk University of Technology in order to search and implement modern solutions ensuring the safety of people and property;
10) cooperation with state and local government services responsible for maintenance public order and security and civil rescue services;
11) taking other actions aimed at increasing the security of the University;
12) cooperation with other universities and units within the competences of the center;
13) carrying out additional tasks indicated by the chancellor or deputies;
14) in the scope of the Defense Section, Classified Office:
a) ensuring protection, control and management of classified information;
b) organizing and running the University's Secret Office;
c) operational planning of the Gdańsk University of Technology for the period of external threat
state security and war, as well as in crisis situations in peacetime (performed according to the instructions of the office of the minister of the ministry responsible for education higher education and science and the Chief of Civil Defense of the city of Gdańsk);
d) developing and updating plans for the protection of movable and immovable monuments, according to guidelines of the Provincial Conservator of Monuments and in consultation with the City Hall;
e) advertising in the Military Recruitment Center for employees scheduled for implementation of defense tasks.

Emergency 24-hour telephone numbers:

internal  tel: 14-32 lub 19789

external tel:  58 347 14 32

mobile: 19 789