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Security Office

The Security staff are on duty 24 hours of the day and performs their duties on the University campus as well as at all University dormitories.

Should you need to call ambulance dial 112 or 999, and report it immediately to the security officers at 14-32 or 99 from an internal line or call in person to the nearest reception or security desk on campus.

In order to direct the ambulance to the right place, security officer needs to know the exact location of the person waiting for medical assistance.

Should you need to call the police or fire department, please contact Security in order to verify the incident and obtain consent from the rector. In case a medical emergency or fire hazard the Security Department should be notified about the incident immediately. 

In accordance with the Act of July 20, 2018, Law on Higher Education and Science:

Art. 50.

3. Public services responsible for maintaining public order and internal security may enter the premises of the higher education institution:
1) at the rector’s request;
2) without the rector’s request - in case a direct threat to human life or health or in the event of a natural disaster.
6. The services shall be obliged to leave the premises of the higher education institution immediately after the reasons which justified their entry have ceased to exist or at the request of the rector.

Emergency 24-hour telephone numbers:

internal  tel: 14-32

external tel: +48 58 347 14 32

mobile: 19 789