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Career Services

Zdjęcie przedstawia uśmiechniętą studentkę w rozpuszczonych włosach, która w ręku trzyma 4 książki. Studentka stoi na tle białej tablicy z licznymi wzorami matematycznymi.

It is very common that once you decide to enter the work force you may have no idea what you want to do with your career. At Gdańsk University of Technology you can meet with a professional careers consultant who will be able to assit you and help you to choose the right way of planning your future.

All students and alumni of Gdańsk University of Technology are eligible to the services offered by Careers Office. Our services include:

  • assistance in planning career paths

  • face-to-face sessions with a careers consultant

  • assistance with application forms, CVs and cover letters and job interview advice

  • job offers, internships and work placements base

  • CVs and employers base

  • providing information regarding job market and opportunities of further qualifications improvement

  • organizing workshops and courses regarding job-hunting, self-employment and personal development

  • organizing meetings with employers

  • doing research on professional careers of Gdańsk Tech alumni

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