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Ph.D. Eng. Paweł Raczyński

prodziekan P. Raczyński w todze



Vice-Dean for Education

date of birth


  • Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (1977)

degree/scientific title

  • PhD – Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (1986) 


  • Gdańsk University of Technology: assistant trainee (1977–1978); assistant (1978–1979); senior assistant (1979–1986); assistant professor (1986–2006); senior lecturer (2006 – 2011); associate professor (2011 – 2016); senior lecturer (2016 – 2019); assistant professor for education (od 2019),
  • CDRiA Pipeline Services: senior specialist, chief computer scientist (1999–2017)

academic positions

  • Vice-Dean for Education Faculty of Electronics Telecommunication and Informatics (since 2012),
  • Head of Department of Automatic Control Faculty of Electronics Telecommunication and In-formatics (since 2012),

membership in scientific institutions

Member of Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Electrical Engineering

scientific interests

  • automation and robotics,
  • construction and use of autonomous inspection robots for diagnostics of technical infrastructure, in particular of main pipelines

publications/scientific profile

Most Wiedzy

awards and distinctions

  • Gold Medal for Long Service (2012),
  • Silver Cross of Merit (2002),
  • Medal of National Education (2001),
  • Rector Awards for scientific achievements: II degree (2), III degree (4),
  • Rector Awards for didactic achievements: I degree (2), II degree (1), III degree (2) 

other interests

  • hiking, mountaineering and canoeing
  • sightseeing photography