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Prof. Ph.D., D. Sc. Ewa Klugmann-Radziemska

prodziekan E. Klugman-Radziemska w todze



Vice-Dean for Cooperation and Development


  • University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (1985)

degree/scientific title

  • professor (2012),
  • habilitation – Koszalin University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2007), 
  • PhD – Gdańsk University of Technology, Chemical Faculty (1999)


  • Gdańsk University of Technology: assistant (1999–2000), assistant professor (2000–2009), Associate Professor (2009–2012), full professor (since 2016),
  • Gdańsk University of Technology: PhD student (1996–1999),
  • II Secondary School in Gdańsk (1985–1996): physics teacher

academic positions

  • Vice-dean for Organisation and Development (od 2019),
  • Dean’s representative for Development (2016–2019),
  • Vice-dean for Organisation and Development (2008–2016), 
  • Head of the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage (since 2006)

institutional functions

  • Member of the Smart Pomeranian Specialization Council ISP3 Eco-efficient technologies in the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of energy and fuels as well as in construction,
  • Member of the Working Group for intelligent and energy-efficient construction (GR 8 for BUD) of National Intelligent Specializations at the Ministry of Economy

membership in scientific institutions

  • Member of the Scientific Network "New Generation Photovoltaic Technologies and Systems"

scientific interests

  • Resources, possibilities for obtaining, converting, storing and transporting energy from renewable sources, including solar energy and biofuels,
  • Possibilities of waste energy recovery in industrial processes and ways of its management,
  • Monitoring of meteorological conditions – measurement and acquisition of data: intensity and components of solar radiation, air temperature, temperature of the loaded photovoltaic module,
  • Experimental and numerical studies of free convection,
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of heat transfer in chemical devices, convective flow structures,
  • Material recycling: recycling of solar modules, recycling of rubber waste
  • Energy storage, including the use of phase-change materials

publications/scientific profile 

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awards and distinctions

  • Medal of the National Education Committee (2009),
  • Silver Cross of Merit (2005),
  • Gold Medal at the International Trade Fair of Economic and Scientific Innovations INTARG (2015),
  • Distinction in the category “product of the future” in the 15th edition of the Polish Product of the Future Competition, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (2012),
  • 16 Rector Awards of I, II and III degree for scientific achievements (1998–2017),
  • 6 Rector Awards of I, II and III degree for didactic achievements (2010–2017),
  • 5 Rector Awards of I, II and III degree for organizational achievements (2015–2018),
  • 2 gold medals at the Technicon Innovation Fair (2010, 2012),
  • 4 silver medals (2008, 2009, 2011) and 1 distinction (2014) at the Technicon Innovation Fair
  • Nomination in the plebiscite "Focus Lenses 2015" in the category "Technical innovations”

other interests

  • interior design
  • kynology
  • music