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psychologist for international students

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with all the problems on your own - problems related to studies, work or private life. At times, we are overwhelmed by duties at the university, we work too much, we have too little time for friends and, as a consequence, we feel more and more lonely. All of us experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and life during lockdown.

We understand that it is especially difficult for you - international students. Away from your home, in a new country you are just getting to know, you may feel even more lost. Therefore, if your everyday problems overwhelm you and you want to talk to someone about them (you do not have such person among your friends or family, or you just want to talk to someone impartial), you can use free psychological advice. There is nothing wrong or shameful about the fact that a person sometimes needs the support of a specialist. You know that, right? People like psychologists are there to help us when we need it most.

How to schedule an appointment with a psychologist?

In order to schedule a consultation with a psychologist, send an e-mail to: (make sure you write "CONSULTATIONS / GDAŃSK TECH PROJECT. Gdańsk Tech Student” in the subject of the message). Remember that you must send the e-mail from your university e-mail address (not a private e-mail) - this is important. Within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail from the psychologist with the date of the meeting and information whether the appointment will take place online or in the office in Gdańsk (at ul. Małachowskiego 5/1 - call the entry phone at number 1).

The psychologist will arrange an appointment within two weeks from the moment you send the request for consultation. If it turns out that you need to wait longer for the meeting, let us know by sending an email to

Remember to be there on time for the meeting. If something unexpected happens and you are not be able to appear on the scheduled date, be sure to send an email to and explain your absence (the psychologist will arrange a different date for you). However, try to avoid canceling meetings and postponing them as much as possible.

When can you register?

Registration for meetings with a psychologist starts in October 2022 and ends in April 2023. During this period, you can sign up for a consultation any time you feel you need to see a psychologist.

Who can make an appointment with a psychologist?

Consultations with a psychologist are aimed at international students of Gdańsk University of Technology. If you come from a country other than Poland, you do not have Polish citizenship and you study at Gdańsk University of Technology (it doesn’t matter whether you pay the fee or study free of charge; whether you study in Polish or English), it means that you are an international student and you can sign up for a meeting with a psychologist as part of the of our project.