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MUG, GUT and UG join their forces. The Daniel Fahrenheit University Association | Gdańsk University of Technology


Date added: 2020-12-17

MUG, GUT and UG join their forces. The Daniel Fahrenheit University Association

3 universities together
This is one of the most important events in the academic history of Gdańsk, also opening the way to the future federalization of the strongest universities in the region. The Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk created the Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk. and intend to jointly build the position of Gdańsk as a strong academic center in Poland and abroad.

The Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk was appointed at the joint request of the rectors of the Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk. The university senates adopted appropriate resolutions and approved the content of the Association's statute, and its creation was approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The most important task of the Association will be to make the best use of the resources and possibilities of all three universities which, through joint activities, could create one academic center in the future. It would be in the top three largest in the country (next to Warsaw and Krakow), which in turn would translate into better academic recognition of Gdańsk in Poland and abroad, as well as greater opportunities for development and obtaining funds.

The strongest Gdańsk universities intend to entrust the Association with the development of assumptions and possible scenarios of the so-called federalization of universities and their further integration. The Association will also deal with implementing joint research projects on an international scale, coordinating joint research and development works, or establishing new, inter-university initiatives (also in the field of education). The Association is also to strengthen the publishing activities of GUT, UG and MUG.

One of the strategic tasks of the Association will also be to conduct a common promotion and ranking policy, especially on the international arena, as well as expressing opinions and representing common interests towards state and local government administration and legislative initiatives.

Deepening cooperation between universities

The MUG, GUT and UG have been cooperating for many years in the areas of: science, education and organization. Since 2005, the universities have jointly implemented over 30 scientific and research and development projects for a total amount of nearly PLN 270 million.

In addition, they run several inter-university study programs, which allow students to gain knowledge from experts in various fields (for example Mechanical and Medical Engineering at GUT and MUG, Space and Satellite Technologies at GUT and UG, Biotechnology, Medical Physics and Speech Therapy at MUG and UG. ). Moreover, the MUG and the UG run the Interuniversity Faculty of Biotechnology. Thanks to the establishment of the Association of Universities, it will be possible to deepen this cooperation and create in Gdańsk one of the strongest academic centers in Poland.

The body supervising the work of the Association will be the Assembly composed of Rectors and the Chairmen of University Councils. The first chairman, at the same time representing the Association, will be until 2022 prof. Krzysztof Wilde, rector of GUT, and in subsequent terms of office, rectors of the MUG and the University of Gdańsk. In turn, the management of the Association of Universities will be the task of the Director of the Association - during the meeting of the Assembly of the Association on 10 December 2020, this function was entrusted to prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska from the University of Gdańsk. Katarzyna Zygmunt from Gdańsk University of Technology became the deputy director.

The Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk will have its headquarters in the building of the Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Gdańsk University of Technology at Al. Zwycięstwa 27.

Rectors of the MUG, GUT and UG on the establishment of the Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk:

Prof. Marcin Gruchała, rektor GUMed

Prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk: - The Medical University of Gdańsk is a university that guarantees education at the highest level, as well as an important research center with internationally recognized scientific activity. It is also one of the leading Polish universities, distinguished with the prestigious status of a research university. By establishing the University Association with the largest academic centers in Pomerania, we are taking another, extremely important step on the way to strengthening the long-term, successful cooperation between GUT, UG and MUG. For many years, we have been successfully carrying out a number of valuable initiatives of a scientific, research, teaching and development nature. I am convinced that by using our mutual potential more intensively and effectively, we will soon be able to successfully compete with the best academic centers in Europe and in the world.

Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, rektor PG

Prof. Krzysztof Wilde, rector of Gdańsk University of Technology: - Our most important, common mission is to build a strong academic center in Gdańsk. Due to the fact that our universities joined the ministerial program ‘Excellence Initiative - Research University’ and that the MUG and GUT received the status of research universities, we now have more opportunities for dynamic development. We want to build a new quality in Polish science, strengthen relationships with industry and business, and make the most talented high school graduates and young scientists choose Gdańsk as a suitable place to study and build their professional career. As the Chairman of the Council of Rectors of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, I am convinced that the Association will strengthen our partnership and open new fields of cooperation, which in the future could extend to other Pomeranian universities.

Prof. Piotr Stepnowski, rektor UG

Prof. Piotr Stepnowski, Rector of the University of Gdańsk: - This is the best moment to undertake activities integrating our universities. First of all, Gdańsk universities have performed excellently in strategic competitions both in Poland and in the European Union. All three were included in the ‘Excellence Initiative - Research University’ program. The international panel of experts of this program expressed the expectation that it was Gdańsk that would be an example of building an integrated academic center. Secondly, we are the undisputed leaders of the International Research Agendas of the Foundation for Polish Science program. Finally – there is the program of the European Universities of the EU and the University of Gdańsk which won the first competition as one of only four qualified Polish universities. Therefore, I believe that we can compete with traditional Polish academic centers in Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław.

Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, dyrektorka Związku Uczelni w Gdańsku im. Daniela Fahrenheita

Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, director of the Daniel Fahrenheit Association of Universities in Gdańsk: - This is a great distinction and commitment to the three largest universities in the Tri-City. I will use my knowledge and skills to work for their integration, and tightening cooperation between these universities, also in the field of management systems and conducting research and development works, should bring the universities closer to each other so that these processes are perceived by the academic community as beneficial, both organizationally and financially, and in the longer perspective as leading to increasing the prestige of the universities on the international forum. My first challenge will surely be the efficient implementation of works related to the assessment of the universities’ consolidation potential, and then the coordination of works leading to the development of solutions enabling the consolidation of the universities