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Date added: 2021-02-10

EuroS@P - safety in European road traffic

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International project application entitled ‘The European Road Safety Partnership EuroS@P’, submitted under the Strategic Partnerships of ERASMUS + program, was positively assessed and directed for funding. The leader of the consortium is the Department of Road and Transport Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, while the initiator and coordinator of the project is PhD, Eng. Wojciech Kustra.  

The project is implemented jointly with institutions dealing with road safety issues in Europe: Università Degli Studi di Catania in Italy, Bauhaus - Universitaet Weimar in Germany, Sveuciliste u Zagreb in Croatia and the European Road Assessment Association in Belgium.

The problem of road safety (road safety) is one of the most important challenges of the modern world. More than a million fatalities are the annual statistics for accidents worldwide. Casualties in these accidents, as the main cause of death of young people (up to 25 years of age) or the increasing share of elderly people among the victims, are indications for taking radical remedial actions. The situation in Europe also shows very clearly that there has been no significant improvement in road safety in recent years.

The road infrastructure safety management system (RISM) is being implemented and developed as part of comprehensive measures to improve road safety. The first EU Directive -2008 / 96 / EC obligatorily covered only the TEN-T network. The new RISM Directive 2019/1936 / EC covers all national roads and all other roads whose construction or reconstruction will be financed or co-financed from the EU funds. The effective implementation of the Directive is primarily the preparation of dedicated security management staff. They must be competent people, perfectly familiar with road safety issues, both from the theoretical and practical side. Due to large gaps in the study programs at technical universities in the field of road safety, future employees of road authorities will not be fully prepared for the challenges imposed by the Directive.

The main goal of the EuroS@P project is to promote the best solutions in the field of education in the RISM area, along with increasing the awareness and the level of knowledge about road safety by building an e-learning platform with the possibility of accessing the Project products; to develop teaching and training materials dedicated to conducting classes at universities and training courses for the staff dealing with RISM; to increase competences and skills in the field of RISM; to change curricula at universities and equip students and staff with teaching materials based on innovative RISM methods and tools, and to build the basis for the certification of road safety inspectors.

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