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Date added: 2024-06-19

The RedOx Scientific Club – the first affiliated scientific club in Poland at ECS

The RedOx Scientific Club, which brings together students and PhD students from different Gdańsk Tech Faculties, has become the first affiliated scientific club in Poland at ECS – The Electrochemical Society.

ECS Students Chapter offers a patronage program for students associated in the scientific clubs all over the world, offering free membership, co-finance of the research work by the ECS, and granting the unique opportunity to apply for financing for participation in scholarship programs, research trips, etc. ECS has patronage of clubs from over 30 countries, mainly from America North and Europe, but also China, India and South Korea and more.

The RedOx Scientific Club is an initiative of undergraduate and Ph.D. students interested in electrochemistry, photochemistry, catalysis and related topics. Its main goals are to expand knowledge and skills as well as conduct basic and implementation research on charge transfer processes and advanced materials for electrochemistry. The Science Club is particularly interested in the development of materials and tools enabling the use of 3D printing in electrochemistry - for this activity, the Technetium project was obtained under IDUB funds (6/1/2024/IDUB/III.4c/Tc) entitled Electrochemical devices: from cabbage to supercapacitor. Although it was founded just in 2023, members of the RedOx Science Club participate in the life of the University, taking an active part, among others within open day at Gdańsk Tech, the national day of Materials Engineering, the Baltic Science Festival. We also conduct a series of lectures entitled: Knowledge Transfer, where knowledge is provided by specialists and scientists dealing with the broadly understood electrochemical topcs. RedOx has many supporters among other Tricity academic centers, including the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Gdańsk. The group's supervisor is Prof. Jacek Ryl.