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Date added: 2021-07-19

Archiculture - a new field of inter-university postgraduate studies

Two students building a wooden construction
"Archiculture - architectural educator" is a new, interdisciplinary and interinstitutional postgraduate (3rd cycle) course. It is the first such initiative in Poland. Gdańsk University of Technology signed an agreement on its creation with the National Institute of Architecture and Town Planning - the main initiator of the project, and with the Kraków University of Technology and the Pedagogical University of Kraków.

The need for general education in the field of education about the built environment should become an indispensable element in shaping an informed, civic society. The element of building culture is very often an overlooked aspect when creating various types of spatial development plans.

– Seeing the great need for education in this area, we decided to create inter-university, interdisciplinary postgraduate (3rd cycle) studies in the field of "Archiculture - architectural educator". They will allow to prepare a whole group of educators, mediators and teachers, who could consciously and competently conduct individual activities, courses and events, as well as introduce classes on baukultur, explains Piotr Marczak, PhD, Arch., coordinator of studies on behalf of Gdańsk University of Technology – The concept of studies is based on the assumption of an interdisciplinary dialogue between pedagogical, design and architectural faculties.

An extensive module of classes on methodology provides graduates with a wide range of practical and innovative tools (including: 21st century competences, STEAM education, seeking education, contemporary media, design methods, etc.) and inspiration to create original scenarios for classes, programs and educational events in the field of general architectural education - adapted to the specifics of the profession, various groups of recipients and areas of activity. The graduates of the field will be able to use their own scenarios and programs in the field of culture education, mediation and participation prepared in the course of their studies directly in their current professional activities.

The studies, the first edition of which will start in the 2021/22 academic year, will be conducted in a hybrid formula - remote weekend classes and traditional meetings. Classroom classes will be held simultaneously in Kraków, Warsaw and Gdańsk, so that students can choose a convenient location.

Participants of the studies may be graduates of: architecture, arts, design, humanities, as well as teachers, educators in school clubs, museologists, employees of cultural centers, culture animators, local / regional leaders, people working in local governments and non-governmental organizations wishing to increase their qualifications in the field of education and architectural and spatial mediation.