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Date added: 2021-11-25

Executive MBA at Gdańsk Tech among the best in the Perspektywy ranking

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The International program ‘MBA in Strategy, Program and Project Management’ took the seventh place in the Perspektywy ranking!

For the first time, the Executive MBA program at Gdańsk Tech took such a high position in the ranking, jumping 3 positions compared to the previous ranking carried out in 2018.

The ranking of MBA studies prepared by the Perspektywy Foundation is one of the longest-run and the best-known rankings of this type in Poland. In this year's edition of the ranking, 41 programs were classified. An MBA program could be included in this year's ranking if it met the following requirements: activity - recruiting students and conducting classes, creating the program before 2019, i.e. completing at least the second edition of studies, and a study program with at least 300 hours of classes.

Ranking methodology

In the process of evaluating MBA programs 6 main criteria are taken into account, i.e. the rank and prestige of the program, the opinion of graduates, the quality of students, the quality of the staff, substantive features of the program, support for the education process, the rank and prestige of the program. Different aspects are examined in each of these criteria. In this year's edition, 24 indicators related to running the MBA program were taken into account. The analysis consists in conducting surveys among the organizers of studies, program graduates and employers. The results are then ranked with the appropriate weight. In line with the rules adopted by the Chapter, programs with a total score that does not differ by more than 0.5 percent are classified in the same position.

In this year's edition of the ranking, the first place was taken by the Executive MBA Program at Kozminski University. Also on the podium were: Canadian Executive MBA (CEMBA) of the Warsaw School of Economics (2nd place) and emba@uw - Executive MBA run by the International Management Center of the University of Warsaw (3rd place).