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Date added: 2022-01-03

2021 at Gdańsk Tech: promotions in rankings, FarU, science, innovation and investments

Gdańsk tech bird's view
The past year at Gdańsk University of Technology was busy and effective, despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The university advanced or maintained high positions in national and international rankings, and its scientists conducted innovative research projects. The infrastructure base of Gdańsk Tech is also gradually improving, and cooperation with the universities that are part of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities - the Medical University of Gdańsk and the University of Gdańsk - is getting closer and more fruitful.  

The position of the University of Technology in the country and in the world

Gdańsk University of Technology was classified for the second time in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), i.e. the Shanghai ranking, which is considered to be the most prestigious ranking of universities in the world. Our university maintained its position in the ninth hundred and recorded a one point increase in three ranking indicators.

The university was also again included in the latest edition of the Times Higher Education 2021 ranking, in addition among the top universities from Poland included in the overall ranking, and also in the first place among Polish universities in the classification of as many as four sustainable development goals.

We also took the highest in history, 6th place in the national university ranking prepared by the Perspektywy foundation, and 3rd place among technical universities.

Gdańsk Tech also became the greenest university in Poland. In this year's edition of the UI GreenMetric ranking, Gdańsk University of Technology fared the best among Polish universities, taking 134th place out of almost 1,000 universities from around the world. The high position of Gdańsk Tech was determined, among other things, by the university's wide-ranging policy in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal of the European Commission.

We have also been distinguished in a number of other prestigious rankings, both Polish and international ones, which translated into the interest in our university among candidates for studies.

The International MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management program came seventh in the Perspektywy ranking. This is an advance by three positions compared to the last ranking from 2018 and the highest place of the University of Technology in the history of this ranking.

Science and innovation

The priority in our activities is to provide students and scientists with the best possible conditions for study and work. This is greatly helped by the IDUB program, thanks to which the university offers attractive grant programs and supports the most interesting research initiatives.

Currently, nearly 30 grant programs are available, offering funding for research teams and individual scientific development, supporting the commercialization of scientific research results, soft actions and many important activities of universities. In 2021, two new research and implementation centers were opened, the activities of which meet the trends and needs of today's world: the Center for Offshore Wind Energy and the Center for Hydrogen Technologies.

In 2021, the International Scientific Effectiveness Board (ISEB) was inaugurated - an advisory body appointed by the Rector of Gdańsk University of Technology as part of the IDUB.

FarU - cooperation and autonomy

On 9 December 2020, the Daniel Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk was created together with the Medical University of Gdańsk and the University of Gdańsk. This is one of the most important events in the academic history of Gdańsk.

The first year of operation of the Daniel Fahrenheit Union of Universities was very intense, full of challenges and initiatives. So far inventory of key research equipment and laboratories has been performed, and currently a system is being prepared that will make information about specialized equipment available to employees of our three universities, as well as external institutions. An agreement was also signed between the three universities and the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway on the development of analyzes and expert opinions for the implementation of the project entitled "Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway - stage II". Under a common banner, universities presented their scientific and research potential during the Infhoshare conference, the largest technology conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

Debates on "Why do we need the Fahrenheit Union of Universities?" took place at all the universities forming the Union. They were addressed to the academic community, where not only the idea of  the federalization of the universities was discussed, but also the main directions of further development and cooperation.


The construction of the STOS Center of Gdańsk University of Technology is underway - one of the most modern IT centers in this part of Europe, which will also be the new headquarters of the IT Center of the Tricity Academic Computer Network. Construction is progressing according to schedule and will be completed in the middle of next year.

In November 2021, the cornerstone was laid at the construction site of the Eco-innovation Center of Gdańsk University of Technology. A modern complex will be built there, which will enable our scientists to develop and implement innovative pro-ecological solutions.

The university has also become a beneficiary of one of the largest transactions on the Gdańsk real estate market. At the beginning of December, Gdańsk Tech purchased the building of the former Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk at Sobieski Street. In the following months, the University of Technology intends to renovate the building, and then adjust it for its own needs and develop its scientific and research potential.

Masterly University of Technology

In the difficult season marked by the coronavirus pandemic, Gdańsk University of Technology defended the title of the Academic Polish Champion and again stood on the top podium both in the general classification and in the classification of technical universities. In AMP 2020/21 in the general classification the representatives of our university scored 58 points more than the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, which took second place, and 104.5 points more than the University of Warsaw.

In the medal classification, Gdańsk University of Technology took 7th place, winning 7 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals. For the second time in a row Gdańsk Tech was the only university in Poland to perform in all 48 disciplines.

The greatest success - the Polish Academic Team Championship was won by the sailors of Gdańsk University of Technology for the eighth time in a row, and for the third time in a row, the championship was won by athletes and the female powerlifting team.

The year 2022 is ahead of us, and with it new ideas, goals, projects and challenges, many experiences and emotions. Let us accept with optimism what 2022 brings for the Academic Community of Gdańsk University of Technology.