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Date added: 2022-01-11

Virtual tour inside a ship thanks to an application

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What would it be like if you could immerse yourself in virtual reality and see the hull of a ship from a previously unavailable perspective? MSc. Ewelina Ciba from the Institute of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology is working on an application that will make it possible.

Ewelina Ciba's project "Virtual Reality (VR) in designing the hull structure, application for Android and IOS systems" was awarded in the first edition of the Educational Innovation Competition at Gdańsk University of Technology.

– I learned about the idea of virtual reality during the research carried out in the VR cave in the laboratory led by PhD, Eng. Jacek Lebiedź at the ETI faculty. I really wanted to prepare something like this on my own and when looking for solutions, I came across the use of smartphones for this purpose. I created a few applications on my own and presented some interesting solutions to students during the classes. It met with a lot of interest, so I decided to dig deeper into the topic - emphasizes MSc. Ewelina Ciba.

Virtual tour inside the hull

Thanks to the KID competition, a detailed model of the hull structure will be created. - Based on it, I will take students on a virtual journey inside it, so that they can see what it looks like: how the trusses and stiffeners run, where are the brackets and where are the relief holes - says the scientist.

Students will be able to use such a solution during classes, but also on their own - by installing the application on their phones and borrowing the goggles purchased for this purpose from the reading room. MSc. Ewelina Ciba also plans to create a special website. It will include a survey that will help draw conclusions from the project. The application code will also be made available so that those who want to try it (other teachers and students) can develop it further or change it according to their needs.