Honorable Mention and Prize "Perspektywy Medycyny" for prof. Andrzej Czyżewski | Gdańsk University of Technology

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Date added: 2022-04-21

Honorable Mention and Prize "Perspektywy Medycyny" for prof. Andrzej Czyżewski

Prof. Andrzej Czyżewski
Photo: Krzysztof Krzempek/Gdańsk Tech 
CyberRadar - an invention constructed by prof. Andrzej Czyżewski, head of the team of the Department of Multimedia Systems FETI Gdańsk Tech, was awarded during the 3rd Congress "Health of Poles" in the competition "Perspektywy Medycyny". Prof. Czyżewski also received an award for lifetime scientific activity for the development of medicine.

During the 3rd "Health of Poles" Congress at the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, the winners of the "Perspektywy Medycyny" competition were announced. The aim of the plebiscite is to promote experts, leaders and teams that contribute to raising the level of Polish medicine, supporting positive changes in health care in Poland, improving the quality of medical care, and promoting pro-health attitudes.

Several dozen applications, projects and programs were submitted for the competition. The awards were granted in six categories: health prevention, organization - health care, modern medical education, innovations and implementations, health promotion in the media, telemedicine and e-health services.

The award in the latter category was awarded to CyberRadar, an innovative, non-contact device that allows for safe monitoring of breathing in patients, which allows to increase the effectiveness of medics in the fight against Covid-19.

– CyberRadar is a small device, which can be placed anywhere in the doctor's surgery or next to the patient's bed. It has a microwave sensor hidden in a plastic casing, as well as a sensitive camera used to detect the position of the patient's eyes and arms, and then "positioning" the chest. Then, on the built-in screen, it displays data with their current respiratory and circulatory activities - explains prof. Andrzej Czyżewski, head of DMS at Gdańsk Tech.

Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk participated in the preparation and development of the functionality of CyberRadar. On the part of the University of Technology they were: prof. Andrzej Czyżewski, prof. B. Kostek, Adam Kurowski, MSc. Eng., Andrzej Sroczyński, M.Sc. Eng., Tomasz Śmiałkowski, MSc, Eng., Piotr Odya, PhD, Eng., Piotr Szczuko, PhD, Eng. and Arkadiusz Harasimiuk, PhD, Eng. The Medical University of Gdańsk was represented by: prof. Krzysztof Narkiewicz and Beata Graff, MD, PhD.

Prof. Andrzej Czyżewski also received a statuette and an award for "many years of interdisciplinary activity and inventive work for the development of applications of computer techniques in medicine" in the "Innovation and Implementation" category.