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Date added: 2022-07-27

Gdańsk Tech supporting equality and counteracting discrimination

The Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology adopted a modified Code of Ethics and an internal anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination procedure in June. Gdańsk Tech intensifies the anti-discrimination activities.

In June 2022, the Senate of Gdańsk University of Technology adopted a modified Code and a procedure for acting in case of mobbing or discrimination in the broad sense.

The Code of Ethics of Gdańsk University of Technology constitutes the canon of fundamental values in all aspects of academic life, as well as the basis for  its educational, research and development activities. The Code was modified and concerns the entire  academic community: all employees, doctoral students, students, volunteers, postgraduate students, course participants.

The document lists the most important aspects protected against discrimination:

„Gdańsk University of Technology objects and counteracts any forms of discrimination, i.a. with regard to sex, age, race, place of origin and nationality, social affiliation (also financial status), religion, world view or faith, disability, marital status, pregnancy, parental status or sexual orientation.”

The second document determines the rules of counteracting discrimination and mobbing at the University and establishes a procedure for actions or behavior indicative of discrimination, mobbing, sexual harassment. It also stipulates the rights and duties of an employee in such situations.

–  It is our priority to provide proper work conditions, respecting the dignity of each academic community member, as well as supporting and strengthening respect culture, equal trust and responsibility – stresses Prof. Janusz Rachoń, the academic ombudsman.  – Appropriate legal acts, i.e. the code and anti-mobbing procedure, help to resolve such issues faster and more efficiently.

Contact the office of the ombudsperson

Office of the ombudsperson who safeguards academic rights and values comprises the following persons:

  • Prof. Janusz Rachoń, the ombudsperson safeguarding academic rights and values
  • Mohammad Hossein Ghaemi, PhD Eng. – Ombudsperson for equal treatment and first deputy of the ombudsperson for academic rights and values
  • Prof. Marcin Szulc, counsellor and psychologist
  • Katarzyna Dzięcielewska, head of the HR Center
  • Tomasz Lasek, office coordinator
  • Representative of Gdańsk Tech Team of Legal Advisers

The office aims at building academic culture of respect, amicable solution of problems, conducting mediations and solving problems between the members of the academic community.

Who can report to the ombudsperson for academic rights and values?

The ombudsperson for academic rights and values can be reached for help by Gdańsk Tech members of the academic community: students, doctoral students, research staff, research and teaching staff, teaching or administrative staff, as well as organizational units of Gdańsk University of Technology, student government and doctoral student government.

The ombudsperson for academic rights and values and persons employed in the office of the ombudsperson, are obliged to maintain confidentiality of the reported cases.  

When to contact the ombudsperson?

Contact the ombudsperson when:​

  • you need an opinion of a third party or somebody who will listen to your problems in confidentiality and advise you
  • you need help with solving a complicated issue you cannot cope with alone
  • you feel you have been treated unfairly
  • you have a conflict that influences your functioning at the university
  • you need a mediator
  • you do not know whom to reach for help.