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Date added: 2022-07-01

A great song celebration at Gdańsk Tech. "Bazuna" will be heard for the fiftieth time

For four days, live music will be played on the campus of Gdańsk University of Technology - student songs, tourist songs, sung poetry. We invite the entire university community, residents of Gdańsk and tourists visiting the region for the jubilee BAZUNA - free admission

Four days of concerts, 55 bands, 30 stalls with handicrafts, delicious Kociewie and Kashubian cuisine - this year's Bazuna, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, will certainly be unforgettable.

"Melodies of student journeys" and "Who will go through the world with us" are the two main trends of this year's review. The event will start on Thursday at 5 p.m. with a concert entitled "The winged word in the song". The concerts will take place on the big stage in front of the Main Building and in the Kwadratowa club.

– This year's jubilee program is very extensive and diverse. I am sure that every song lover will find something for themselves. We hope that not only students and university employees will appear in the audience, but also the inhabitants of the Tri-City and tourists who spend their holidays here will visit us and want to sing with us. – says Jerzy Świniański, PhD, chairman of the Gdańsk University of Technology Alumni Association. – You can come for a while, and you can take your family and friends for all four summer evenings.

The review is nationwide, involving contractors from all over the country. An integral part of the 50th "Bazuna" is a song competition that discovers new performers.

– We hope that this year's "Bazuna" will select new hits and will reveal musical talents not only among academic youth. The performances of songs on stage are of a competition nature and at the same time promote outdoor tourist singing during hiking, rest, feasts by the fire. – emphasizes Marek Skowronek, PhD, Eng., Gdańsk Tech professor, program manager of the review.

On the occasion of the jubilee, there is also a plebiscite for the hit of the 50th anniversary and the "golden fifty", i.e. songs that have stood the test of time, are the most memorable and are sung to this day.

Vote for your favorite songs

– The song has been writing the history of "Bazuna" for fifty years, and each edition is unique. There is no place for routine here, but there is plenty of room for artistic experiences, interesting meetings and the joy of singing together – says Ryszard Markowski, chairman of the organizing committee.

The event is organized by the Gdańsk University of Technology Alumni Association, Gdańsk University of Technology as the Host of the Jubilee, FIFY Student Tourist Club of Gdańsk University of Technology, Pomeranian Cultural and Artistic Association BAZUNA, and the co-organizers are the Gdańsk University of Technology Student Government and the Red Rose Association.

Where did the name of the Review come from?

Bazuna is a Kashubian folk musical instrument from the group of aerophones. The loud sound of the instrument caused that it was used not only at weddings, New Year celebrations and magic rituals, but also as a signaling instrument. The instrument is made of thick boughs or narrow trunks of birch, maple, alder or willow and has a length of 1 m to 2.5 m. The European relative of the bazuna is the Alpine horn, and in Australia the Didigeridoo.

Be sure to check out this year's Bazuna!