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Date added: 2022-08-02

More candidates than last year. Basic admission has ended

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5020 places in 37 fields of study and almost 26 thousand young people willing to study at Gdańsk University of Technology. On 27 July the final lists of people admitted to first-cycle studies in full-time and part-time modes were published.

There were no surprises among this year's most popular fields - the top five, just like for several years, include economy and spatial management, as well as green technologies, energy, and yacht design and construction. A dozen or so people applied for one place in these fields of study.

In turn, the largest number of applications, as in the previous year, was recorded in the field of computer science (1700 applicants) and in construction (1500 applications).

A new field, for which admi8ssion is taking place for the first time this year, was also very popular - hydrogen technologies and electromobility at the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering. Almost 400 people applied here.

Gdańsk Tech is constantly gaining in popularity

Gdańsk University of Technology is one of the most frequently chosen by candidates technical universities in Poland. This year's data show that the number of people willing to study at Gdańsk Tech has increased once again. In total, many more candidates applied for a place in full-time first-cycle studies than a year ago - almost 26 thousand. people (23 thousand in 2021) - this is on average over 5 people per place. Almost 1200 people applied for the 1st cycle part-time studies.

The final number of newly admitted students for full-time and part-time studies will not be known until the end of September. Candidates who were close to get to their dream field may submit appeals against the decision not to be enrolled. Detailed information for candidates is published on the website: