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Master of Science in CIVIL ENGINEERING

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Final degree: Master of Science in Engineering (magister inżynier)
Duration: 1.5 years (3 semesters)
Language: English
ECTS score: 90
Tuition fee per semester: 10000 PLN
Starts twice a year: winter and summer semester

Program description
We offer a program, which enables students to obtain detailed and advanced knowledge in different aspects related to Civil Engineering. It includes some theoretical subjects on a higher level, e.g.: Mathematics, Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity, as well as advanced engineering subjets such as Complex Concrete Structures, Complex Steel Structures, Construction Management, Advanced Foundations, Bridge Structures, and others. Our study program allows gaining the necessary skills in the field of designing land and water structures, bridges, tunnels, roads and highways, railways, as well as management of the investment process. 

ECTS Information with a list of subjects 

Entry requirements
The BSc in Civil Engineering.

  • Civil Engineering general academic profile
  • Civil Engineering practical profile
  • Other fields related to Civil Engineering

Career opportunities
The MSc Studies graduate in Civil Engineering is prepared for design and management
in the entire field of civil engineering construction. The graduate is capable of working
at construction sites, in design offices, research-development institutes, building
material industry and other civil engineering institutions. The graduate is ready to
apply for the PhD studies.