Faculty of Management and Economics
Degree to be obtained: Master of Science (magister)
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Language: English
ECTS points: 30 ECTS / semester,
120 ECTS / whole curriculum
Tuition fee per semester: 10 750 PLN
Starts in: winter semester 

Program description
The study of Economic Analytics prepares students at an in-depth level to conduct analyses in all areas of business, which is essential in this age of a big data analysis. Graduates acquire comprehensive skills in the application of various analytical methods. They are able to properly formulate research problems, research data from many sources, select appropriate methods for solving problems, and, most importantly, correctly interpret the results of the analysis, taking into account the broad context of the analyzed phenomena. They also acquire teamwork skills, which is a must nowadays. Students can choose one of two specializations. Global Studies is a specialization that focuses on a thorough knowledge of the global economic environment in which modern analysts operate. This broadens the scope for interpreting the analyses performed. Data Analyst is a new specialization that allows you to learn about modern advanced analytical methods in different application areas.

ECTS Information with a list of subjects 

Entry requirements
BA in

  • Economic Analytics (Bachelor degree)
  • Economics (Bachelor degree)
  • Informatics and Econometrics ( Bachelor degree)
  • Management (Bachelor degree)
  • Accounting and Finance (Bachelor degree)
  • Banking (Bachelor degree)
  • International Economics (Bachelor degree)
  • Economic Relations (Bachelor degree)
  • Other fields of technical, exact and natural sciences (Bachelor degree or Master degree)
  • Other fields of social sciences and humanities (Bachelor degree or Master degree)

Career opportunities
Graduates are prepared to work in

  • National and international companies of the diverse profile
  • Financial institutions
  • Research and development units
  • Consulting companies
  • Administration