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The Ombudsman is appointed to protect the rights and interests of university employees and PhD students, as well as to comply with ethical standards.
The Senate of the Gdańsk University of Technology entrusted this function to Professor Janusz Rachoń.

The term of office of the Ombudsman ends on 31 December 2024.

prof. Janusz Rachoń w garniturze

The Senate of the Gdańsk University of Technology appointed Professor Janusz Rachoń for the position of the Ombudsman ​​at the meeting on December 16, 2020.

The tasks of the ombudsman include in particular: mediation and resolving disputes between members of the University community and taking care of the good image of the University. As part of his function, the Ombudsman has the right to:

● submitting written applications to the University's bodies or to persons holding managerial positions at the University;

● access to the University's documents, to the extent necessary to perform the tasks, unless generally applicable law provides otherwise;

● participate in meetings of the University's collective bodies with the right to vote and participate as an observer at all stages of the proceedings related to the investigation of disciplinary liability of members of the University community, including presenting one's position on the matter to the disciplinary commissioner or the disciplinary commission.



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