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University administration units

University administration is divided into units subordinate to the rector, vice-rectors and the chancellor.

The assignments of individual administration units result from the competences of individual representatives of university authorities, which are specified in the Organisational Regulations of Gdańsk University of Technology (ZR 38/2019).

Rector's Division

Rector's Office
OHS and Fire Protection Office
Promotion and Press Release Office
Legal Counsel Office
Internal Audit Office
Defense Affairs Office
HR Center
TASK Informatics Center
Advanced Technologies Center

Development Division

Careers and Alumni Office
Strategic Analysis Center 
Document Circulation Office
Offshore Wind Energy Center
Hydrogen Technologies Center
Young Researchers Office

Scientific Research Division

IDUB Office
Scientific Affairs Office
Publishing Office
Project Management Office
Doctoral School
Industrial Doctoral School

Internationalisation and Innovation Division

International Relations Office
Patent Attorneys Office
Security and Defense Technologies Center
Technology Transfer Office

Education Division

Education Office
Language Center
Mathematics Center
Innovative Education Center

Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Office
Academic Sports Center

Chancellor's Division

Mariusz Miler, M.Sc. Eng.

Chancellor's Office
Investment Office
Maintenance Office
Public Procurement Office

Vice-Chancellor for Infrastructure
Anna Gerlach MA

Security Office
Logistics Office
Accommodation Office

Vice-Chancellor for IT
Ph.D., Eng. Andrzej Sobecki

IT Services Center

Piotr Lewandowski, M.Sc.    

Finance Office (part of Bursary)
Project Settlement Office (part of Bursary)