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Date added: 2021-10-18

Scientists from Gdańsk Tech laureates of the Siemens Award Competition

Prof. Czyżewski
Scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology won two main awards in the 26th Siemens Award Competition - the award for a research project and the promotional award for a doctoral dissertation. Graduates of the first-cycle studies are among the laureates. Apart from the attractive financial prize, the winner projects that respond to the needs of the market and the economy, get the chance of being implemented and applied as part of Siemens technological solutions

The goal of the competition organized by Siemens in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology, is to promote the outstanding technical and scientific research achievements, conducted by the employees of academic and non-academic institutions in Poland, as well as graduates of universities.

Project that are related to the scope of work of Siemens, can apply to join the competition. The Jury selected the best works from among the applications, which have the chance to be implemented and practically used due to the support of Siemens - the founder of the prize. 

The research award was won by the team from ETI at Gdańsk University of Technology, led by PhD DSc Eng Andrzej Czyżewski, composed of: DSc Eng Grzegorz SzwochDSc Eng Józef KotusDSc Eng Piotr SzczukoDSc Eng Piotr OdyaPhD Eng Karolina MarciniukMSc Eng Andrzej SroczyńskiMSc Eng Tomasz Śmiałkowski, for project under the name: “Intelligent, autonomous road signs for adaptive vehicle traffic control”.

The intelligent road signs inform about the speed, calculated on the basis of information received from a sequence of signs located along a section of a highway, connected with each other by a remote network, alternatively with remote control. The objective of the “INZNAK” project is the improvement of safety on the public roads by conceptual development, construction and testing of a new type of intelligent road signs, which will enable prevention of most commonly occurring collisions on expressways.

PhD Eng Piotr Dworakowski, from the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering, was honored in the category of promotional award, for the dissertation titled: “Modelling and analysis of a medium frequency transformer for the purposes of power converters”;

For the five past years, the Siemens Award has also been granted to the graduates in the scope of Electronic Engineering. The winners in this category are also the representatives of Gdańsk University of Technology - Eng Mateusz Breza and Eng Filip Grabowski from the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology, for the dissertation titled: “Digital protective relays for DC distribution systems”.

The award ceremony will take place in November, during celebration of Warsaw University of Technology Day.