Master of Science in SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT, Specialization: Urbanism

Faculty of Architecture
Degree to be obtained: Master of Science (magister inżynier)
Duration: 1.5 year (3 semesters)
Language: English
ECTS points: 90
Tuition fee: 8600 PLN
Starts in: summer semester 

Program description
We deliver comprehensive planning education at the Masters’s level, with a particular focus on cities, their territorial environment and their transformation. Our approach is design-oriented with a solid theoretical background. The issues of urban, regional and transboundary planning, strategic planning, urban regeneration, new planning tools are also included in the program

ECTS Information with a list of subjects 

Entry requirements
BSc in

  • Spatial Development
  • Architecture / Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Civil Engineering, Economics, Management, Environmental Protection, Transport, Geodesy and Cartography
  • Other fields: related program that offers knowledge on territorial issues at different scales

Career opportunities
Our graduates are prepared to work in planning offices and agencies, both public and private; across Poland, other European countries and beyond (e.g. the US), public administration at every level (local, regional, national and European); they can advise investment banks, developers, local communities and civic society organization; they are able to act as experts in consulting and development companies; they are also prepared to work for the EU institutions