Action Plan and Gdańsk Tech HRS4R for the period 2016-2019

On 26 May 2017 the Rector introduced the updated version of Gdańsk Tech HRS4R (Regulation No. 8/2017), which included the supplement and the correction according to EC indications and Action Plan for the period 2016-2019.

In order to monitor the implementation of the provisions of the Charter and the Code, the Rector established the Team for the Monitoring. In 2019, a team to implement the guidelines for employing academic teachers, i.e. ‘Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment' (OTM-R), was also formally appointed.

Gdańsk Tech staff worked in small groups which realised detailed tasks described by the Team for Implementation. Coordinators or responsible persons supervised and reported all actions, descriptions, date and evidence for realisation of tasks on ‘Task Monitoring Card’ forms. The Team for Monitoring collected evidence of the implementation of the Gdańsk Tech HR4R Strategy, and the Quality Management Office supervised the consistency and completeness of documentation. The evaluation of the implementation and periodic reports were prepared for the University authorities.

Finally, the Team for Monitoring considered 24 tasks out of 34 non-recurring tasks to be completed and developed further recommendations to be included in the next period (‘Revised Action Plan for 2019-2022’). In this, the team suggested further work on 10 open tasks and proposed transferring 5 tasks to the new Gdańsk Tech HR4R Strategy as requiring continuous improvement. The Team for Implementation supported the above demands, updated the wording of some activities and expanded the plan.

Internal review and OTM-R checklist

After 2 years from the “HR Excellence in Research Award” was granted, Gdańsk Tech submitted to the European Commission an Internal Review regarding the implematation of Gdańsk Tech Action Plan. The purpose of which was to allow University to evaluate own activity and report on the status of achievement for each of the actions previously planned and to create new actions for the upcoming years. Moreover Gdańsk Tech made also the OTM-R checklist self-assessment and included the assumptions of OTM-R policy in the HRS4R for the next period.

Gdańsk Tech HRS4R for the period 2019-2022

Gdańsk Tech Senate issued a positive opinion on the action plan for implementing the principles of the Charter and the Code at Gdańsk Tech as part of the Gdańsk Tech HRS4R for the period 2019-2022 (Resolution of the Senate No. 344/2019/XXIV, PL).

The Rector announced the Revised Action Plan for the period 2019-2022 in Regulation No. 29/2019 of 28 August 2019.

HR Excellence in Research award for Gdańsk Tech for the next 3 years

On 21 November 2019, the European Commission announced its decision to maintain the HR distinction for Gdańsk University of Technology for the next 3 years, recognizing the implementation of the Gdańsk Tech HR4R Strategy as systematic and consistent with the action plan and characterising the activities as realised with high quality.