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Date added: 2021-06-02

Call for proposals in the Scandium Baltic Region Research Grants program

The Scandium program is part of the implementation of tasks under which it is possible to obtain a university grant to finance the costs of scientific research conducted in cooperation with partners from the Baltic Sea region of young scientists in areas compatible with the activities of Gdańsk Tech priority research area centers (PRA Centers).

Addressees of the Scandium Program

The applicant may be a Gdańsk Tech employee employed at the university as the primary place of work, who obtained a doctoral degree not earlier than 7 years before the year of submitting the application.

A necessary condition for participation in the Program is the planned implementation of research in cooperation with at least one partner from the Baltic Sea region country, i.e. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany or Denmark. This cooperation should have a real dimension in the form of the partner's performance of planned research, the costs of which will be financed from the partner's own funds. The evaluation criteria include a point preference for applications for research funding related thematically and substantially with the Baltic Sea Region.

Financing conditions

• The maximum amount of funding for a research project financed by the Program is PLN 300,000 gross.

• The period of research work may not be shorter than 6 months or longer than 24 months.

The direct costs of the project include, among others:

1) costs of disseminating the results of the research conducted under the grant,

2) costs of purchasing small laboratory equipment and materials

3) costs of computer hardware and software;

4) costs of purchasing research equipment;

5) gross wages and salaries of the leader and contractors from Gdańsk Tech (project team) - up to a maximum of PLN 3,000; PLN of costs / month for the leader and the entire team in total;

6) costs of remuneration of persons cooperating in the implementation of the project for technical works,

7) external services necessary for the implementation of research,

8) costs of international cooperation, only in terms of the costs of business trips to partner countries,

How to apply

• Recruitment in the program will run from 3 June 2021 to 21 June 2021.

• Applications should be submitted electronically to the IDUB Project Implementation Team to the address:, the original of the application should be sent by internal mail to the Projects Office.

• Each application will be assessed by two independent reviewers, and then by the Evaluation Committee appointed by the Rector.

• Applications will be assessed according to substantive evaluation criteria included in the documentation on the website of the Research University.

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