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Date added: 2023-02-22

Prof. Janusz Rachoń – the chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Organic Chemistry

Prof. Rachoń
Prof. Janusz Rachoń
The Scientific Council of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences elected Prof. Janusz Rachoń its chairman for 2023-2026.

The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences has existed since 1964. According to rankings, it comes first in the category of scientific institutes conducting research in the field of organic chemistry and second in the category of research on organic chemistry. In 2021 in the international ranking of the quality of scientific institutions, SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR), IOC PAN took first place in terms of innovation among scientific institutions in Poland and fifth in the overall SIR ranking.Since its inception in 1964, the mission of the Institute has been to conduct scientific research at the highest level in the field of organic chemistry and related fields, and to educate young scientific staff. Currently conducted research at IOC PAS concern the most important problems and issues of contemporary organic synthesis, catalysis and search for new materials.

The fundamental tasks of the Scientific Council, with Prof. Janusz Rachoń at the forefront, include monitoring the level of research conducted in the Institute, and supervision of the development of its research staff. Professor Rachoń became a member of the council in 2011. Professr Rachoń is also a member of the Chmemistry Committee at PAS (in 1999–2002 was its vice-chairman).

Prof. Janusz Rachoń has focused on organic chemistry in his research work for many years now. He is a specialist in the field of organic synthesis and organopshosphorus compounds, the synthesis of biologically active compounds used in medicine, agriculture and industry, the creator of the scientific school of organic chemistry of phosphorus and sulfur. The Professor presented evidence on organomagnesium compounds formation from magnesium metal and halogenated organic compounds (a process conducted on a metal surface). He proved the existence of the so-called nonclassical carbocation - an intermediate of many organic reactions, moreover, the mechanism of reactions involving organophosphorus compounds and proved that dithiophosphoric acid is a strong acid, a hydrogen atom donor, and its anion is a good single electron donor.

In the field of organic synthesis, Prof. Rachoń developed new original methods for the synthesis of phosphonate analogues of amino acids and peptides, a chemoselective thioacylation method and a new original method for the synthesis of unsymmetrical disulfides. In addition, he is the creator of a new original method of producing hydroxybisphosphonates, a substance used in the treatment of osteoporosis. The pharmaceutical plants of Polpharma S.A. in Starogard Gdański, produce these drugs according to the technology developed by the research team of Prof. Janusz Rachoń. The Professor is currently working on the effective steroid sulfatase inhibitors, a new therapeutic target in the treatment of cancer.

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