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Date added: 2020-10-16

Gdańsk in the red zone. The functioning of the university and safety rules

the view for the main building of GUT
From Saturday, 17 October Gdańsk will be on the list of cities and counties in the so-called ‘red zone’, with additional restrictions related to counteracting the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, the authorities of Gdańsk University of Technology issued a Decree that contains a comprehensive list of rules of conduct in the event of suspected infection and of remaining on the GUT premises, as well as of the remote education process.

By the decision of the Council of Ministers, new security rules will apply throughout the country from Saturday 17 October. In local terms, they concern the entire Pomeranian province, where on the list of cities and counties in the so-called red zone, apart from Gdańsk, there are also: Gdynia, Sopot, Słupsk and the following poviats: chojnicki, gdański, kartuski, kościerski, kwidzyński, lęborski, pucki, słupski, starogardzki, tczewski and wejherowski.

In turn, in the yellow zone, with milder restrictions, there are only five poviats: bytowski, człuchowski, malborski, nowodworski and sztumski. However, additional restrictions were also introduced there.

What does being in the red zone mean? Above all - more restrictions and guidelines to combat the spread of the coronavirus more effectively. 

What does being in the red zone mean? Above all - more restrictions and guidelines to combat the spread of the coronavirus more effectively.

What does this mean for Gdańsk University of Technology?

On Friday, 16 October the university authorities issued a Decree which includes a comprehensive procedure to be followed in the event of suspicion or disease of Covid-19 among students, PhD students and GUT employees. The Decree also contains guidelines regarding the education process and remaining on the university premises.

Check the Decree

The most important information about the education process and the functioning of the university are:

• practical classes requiring the student's presence at the university will continue to take place in a traditional form, while maintaining the sanitary regime,

• the decision to maintain individual classes in the traditional form is made by the deans of the faculties, and a detailed list of such classes will be published on the faculty websites on 16 October (by the end of the day),

• these rules also apply to part-time students who will take classes on Friday, 16 October, according to the old rules, in force in the yellow zone, and from 17 October (Saturday) they will switch to remote education, in accordance with the above rules,

• GUT employees continue to work according to the current rules, with increased safety measures and sanitary regime,

• the above rules apply only until the area of the city of Gdańsk is excluded from the red zone, or the restrictions within this zone are changed.

Out of concern for the safety of students and all GUT employees, the university authorities call for absolute compliance with the guidelines applicable to all persons remaining in the area covered by the so-called ‘red zone’.

The most important of them are: mandatory wearing of face masks in public spaces (and therefore also on the GUT campus and around the common areas), the need to maintain social distance, and regular hand disinfection.

Further activities aimed at maintaining the continuity of the university's functioning and the education process are being prepared. By the decision of the university authorities, all visits by external guests to the dormitories of Gdańsk University of Technology have already been suspended until further notice.

All information regarding the functioning of GUT in the epidemic state is available  HERE