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Date added: 2021-05-26

Offshore Wind Energy Center

Wind farm
The Center brings together outstanding specialists from all areas of knowledge related to offshore wind energy and has a highly specialized laboratory base that enables detailed identification of many technical and organizational problems in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms. The team of scientists gathered in the center also has experience and didactic achievements in specialist and managerial training of the engineering and managerial staff of the broadly understood offshore wind energy sector.

The Center offers scientific support in the field of design, manufacturing technology, operation of offshore wind farms, conducts research, advises on how to solve technical issues, and trains management and engineering staff.

The Center's activities are focused on the following research areas:

  • designing special vessels - designing ships intended for the transport of structural elements of wind turbines and their foundation, as well as service groups serving wind farms. Supporting project teams in the scope of consulting the proposed concept solutions, verification of calculations and the selection of machines and devices of ship systems.
  • diagnostics of the mechanical and hydraulic system of a wind turbine - on the basis of measurement and analysis of diagnostic symptoms, preparation of an expert opinion on the technical condition of the wind turbine's mechanical system, including explanation of the root causes of possible damage to its components, tested with the vibroacoustic method. Proposing ways to remove the effects of damage, as well as the possibility of continuing the operation of the mechanical system with operational limitations. Conducting research in the field of design and diagnostics of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic systems, including wind turbine control systems. The Center has advanced measuring equipment that enables the determination of their operational characteristics. It is possible to include this type of wind turbine functional systems under constant diagnostic supervision, which allows for the implementation of an operation strategy according to the technical condition.
  • design and diagnostics of a wind turbine rotor - carrying out design calculations and modal analysis of wind turbine rotors based on computer aided design and measurements. Performing research on the effect of lightning discharges on the strength of the composite structure of rotor blades. Diagnosing wind turbine rotors on the basis of measurement and analysis of the generated acoustic signal. Development of diagnostic tests of rotor blades by methods of modal analysis and propagation of elastic waves with the use of modern methods of signal processing, in particular the wavelet transform. Assessing the acoustic climate around a working wind turbine by monitoring surface and underwater noise (protection of the marine environment).
  • comprehensive corrosion protection of wind turbine towers - conducting a comprehensive inspection and assessment of the effectiveness of anti-corrosion protection of operating wind turbine towers as part of inspections of galvanic coatings and anodes. Advice on the cathodic protection of towers, selection of anode material, type and number of anodes. Proposing methods of coating protection for towers, selection of coatings depending on the environmental conditions in the place of their operation.
  • underwater and above-water safety of wind farms - comprehensive solutions for systems for the elimination of subversive (terrorist) threats using the method of observation and identification of electromagnetic and hydroacoustic disturbances, as well as the analysis of optical images. Advice and specialist consultations in the field of the operation of sonar systems and wireless communication systems, as well as when deciding about their purchase (emphasis on ensuring the safety and reliability of communication in the so-called critical infrastructure systems).
  • foundation of offshore wind turbines - development of scientific research in the field of methods of mounting various types of supporting structures for wind turbines in the seabed. Implementation of model and numerical research on hydromechanics of wind turbine tower platforms and their foundation in sea conditions. Analysis of the stability and dynamics of offshore wind turbines under extreme meteorological operating conditions. Experimental studies of the impact of waves on the supporting structure of a wind turbine in a model swimming pool. Possibility of optical, acoustic and gravimetric verification of the area of the foundation of offshore wind farms. This type of work is carried out with the use of remotely controlled underwater vehicles designed and built at Gdańsk University of Technology.
  • designing storage systems for excess wind energy - scientific research of the cogeneration process of various types the type of energy in complex technical systems for design and diagnostics (systematic implementation of artificial intelligence methods). Analysis of various aspects of the use of wind turbines in a hybrid power system, as well as their development towards systems for the recovery and storage of excess electricity in wind turbines: gravity, thermal, hydrogen and compressed air systems. Specialists from the center can effectively support implemented investment projects both in the field of modeling and numerical simulation of energy transformation processes in such systems, as well as diagnostics in the process of their operation.
  • designing power regulation and electricity transmission systems - designing regulation systems for offshore wind turbine generators and dedicated systems topology. Conducting connection expertise and analysis of the impact of offshore wind farms on the national power system. Advice and specialist consultations in the field of voltage and reactive power regulation in the power system. Analysis of steady, transient and emergency states in high, medium and low voltage networks.
  • training of staff and management in offshore wind energy - cyclical postgraduate studies (under the patronage of the Polish Maritime Wind Energy Society) focused on the technologies used, the functioning of offshore wind energy markets and all aspects of the preparation and implementation of offshore wind farm projects in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea. Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies, which give the opportunity to improve competences in the field of offshore wind farm management under the supervision of the best Polish and foreign lecturers. Supporting implemented investments through the use of modern methods of assessing their effectiveness and risk analysis. Analysis and forecast of staff competences in the offshore wind energy sector as well as economic and legal analysis of the electricity market in Poland and the EU.