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Six new programs for scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology | Gdańsk University of Technology


Date added: 2020-09-22

Six new programs for scientists from Gdańsk University of Technology

Names of programs
Creation of new research groups, employment of foreign scientists, research trips, purchase of specialist research and laboratory equipment are just some of the opportunities offered by new programs, which are part of the university's implementation of the tasks resulting from the ‘Excellence Initiative - Research University’ program.

Nobelium, Platinum, Einsteinium, Plutonium, Americium and Technetium - that's what the announced programs are called in short. They support, among others scientists obtaining prestigious international grants, they enable co-financing of publishing activities or financing the costs of scientific research and the development of young scientists in areas compatible with the activities of priority research area centers.

Highly qualified specialists

The aim of the Nobelium Joining Gut Research Community program is to increase and enrich the scientific potential of Gdańsk University of Technology as a result of employing highly qualified specialists at the university who will conduct research in the thematic areas of PRA Centers. These people will support research groups already operating within PRA Centers or will create new research teams. The maximum amount of remuneration for a young scientist is PLN 150 000 / year, for an experienced scientist - PLN 300 000 / year, and for a renowned professor - PLN 400 000 / year.

 The Beneficiary of the Nobelium program indicated in the regulations, who creates a research group at GUT, may obtain additional funding in the form of a university grant in the Platinum Establishing Top-Class Research Teams program.

Research groups

As part of the Platinum Establishing Top-Class Research Teams program, it is possible to obtain a grant to finance the costs of creating and operating of a new research group in the initial period of its functioning.

An application for a grant under the Platinum Program may be submitted by the Beneficiary of the Nobelium program, specified in the program regulations, within a maximum of six months from commencement of employment at GUT. The planned project budget under the grant may not exceed the gross amount of PLN 5 million with the maximum project implementation period of 24 months.

Transfer the knowledge

The Einsteinium Short-Term Incoming Visits program offers the possibility to transfer the knowledge of renowned foreign scientists visiting GUT to the research teams of Gdańsk University of Technology. The consequence of these visits should also be the establishment or development of research cooperation between the visiting person and the team from Gdańsk University of Technology, going beyond the period of the visit. As part of the Program, it is possible to finance: costs of short-term visits from 1 week to 2 months of renowned foreign scientists at Gdańsk University of Technology and the costs of a three-month stay of a foreign scientist as a member of a research team, the creation of which is financed by the Aurum Supporting International Research Team Building program.

 Research clubs

The main objectives of the Plutonium Supporting Student Research Teams program are to support the activities of student research clubs, which constitute the natural environment for selecting leaders of research groups, organizational leaders and leaders initiating new research areas. An application for funding under the Plutonium Program may be submitted by the supervisor of the student research club (the student research club referred to in section 2 should be active for at least one academic year before the date of the competition announcement under the program). The research club may apply for a maximum total amount of PLN 300 000. PLN in five subsequent competitions.


Technetium Talent Management Grants is a program supporting the activity of mentors of academic teachers - caring for especially gifted students, involved in research activities in PRA Centers. The grant amount under the program is PLN 25 000 and the project implementation period is 12 months. Recruitment in the program is continuous.

Foreign research centers

The Americium International Career Development program offers financing for long-term costs (from 4 to 12 months) of internships for GUT scientists in foreign research centers of high international renown. The trip should result in establishing research cooperation between the research group, which includes the outgoing person, and the foreign research group. The call for applications under the program is continuous.